Having fun at a private gig!

Good Clean Fun

The Outside Showers consists of Ed Carr, Dave Ney, Pete Ricci and Chris Roessner – and that, my friends, is some alphabetical stuff right there. Pete & Chris play guitar – and Chris is better at it. Ed plays percussion – not trumpet. Dave plays the Bass. And we all sing. We take pride in all we do musically, but we take extra care to make sure our vocals and harmonies are among the best around! True three and four part harmonies are the norm. Come check us out and hear for yourself!

Our Story

All four members have been long time friends. And we’ve all played in many bands and often with each other in the same bands! We are very proud to be part of the Delco Music Scene, but we are available to play in South Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Chris Roessner
Lead Guitar and Vocals

Pete Ricci
Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Dave Ney
Bass & Vocal

Ed Carr
Percussion, Vibraslap and not Trumpet.